Nowadays, the most important factor in the sales of the leading company producers is the QUALITY. Therefore, in the recent years Bratia Pepech Ltd has invested in excellent machines and equipment achieving highest purities of the products. The whole process of cleaning and calibrating of the products is organized in such a way that the raw material passes through a series of different machines until the final product is achieved. The average capacity of the production line is about 5t/hour depending on the product.

Bratia Pepech Ltd. has provided maximum workflow optimization. The incoming raw material is checked and analyzed, special attention is paid to the parameter moisture. Product which does not correspond to the acquired parameters is not accepted. The seeds are weighed on scales located close to the receiving pit. Then the raw material is poured into the pit , which has a capacity of 100 tons and the cleaning process begins. The seeds passes through two pre-cleaners, two sorting Excell 308 plus machines, stone separator, gravity separator, two colour sorters and packing machine. The screening area of the two Excell 308 plus machines is 34.3 sq.m. each and this allows excellent precision of the calibration and cleaning process. The finished products are stored on pallets and the loading of trucks and containers is facilitated by the ramp. The policy of the company is to prepare the products one two days before the expedition.